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   St Barrwg Bedwas - St Thomas Trethomas - St Peter Graig y Rhacca - St John Machen - St Michael Lower Machen - St James Rudry
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The central act of worship of the Christian Church is the Eucharist – the Great Thanksgiving – when we gather on the Lord's Day at the Lord's Table to share the Lord's Meal, the bread & wine of Holy Communion.
We aim to offer the Eucharist every Sunday in our Area.  many of our other services also offer Holy Communion in the context of a 'Service of the Word'. 
Occasionally Morning Prayer or other structured services may be used.
Please see current notices for details on 'News & Events' page.

All of our services are in contemporary language, but with a variety of different styles, and differing amounts of music and singing.  Details of the usual pattern of these may be accessed on the specific Church’s name-tag above.

Please also look out for Messy Church (monthly).
Also our informal monthly tea-time gathering for Table Talk - Fun (quiz or similar), Refreshments (hot drink & cake/toast), someone to share their Christian story.

Other spiritual opportunities

There are various other spiritual and devotional activities spanning the three parishes, such as:
Ecumenical Bible Study; Wine Word & Wisdom (enjoyng the scriptures);
Occasional Quiet Mornings and Quiet Days.  
Our (usually annual) "Way of Faith" opportunity to deepen our christian discipleship over a period of three months (this is also our expected preparation for adult baptism and/or confirmation);
The Bedwas, Trethomas, and Machen Branch of the Mothers’ Union ;
The Christian Ministry of Healing available regularly at a Eucharist three times each month; also by personal arrangement.
- for current details of these see News and Events and Weekly Notices

There are also the quieter services, such as the weekday celebrations of the Holy Eucharist.


The goal of every Christian should be to grow closer to God in prayer and in action.

We are committed to encouraging people in their prayer/spiritual lives.  Please speak initially to one of the ordained ministers for advice and help in this area: we are more than happy to be alongside you with this.

The Church's ministry of Reconciliation is easily available by personal arrangement with one of the priests.

Spiritual advice & counselling

All of us have times of need when a listening ear of someone who is open to God will be important. Please feel free to contact one of the ordained ministers in the first place.

The Church's ministry of Reconciliation is easily available by personal arrangement with one of the priests.

Fellowship & fun

There are more parties than meetings recorded in the Scriptures!
We try to enjoy a balance of social activities to complement the spiritual life of the parish: there is a varied programme, from Ladies’ Fellowship to Bell-ringing: there are coffee mornings; a Mothers’ Union branch; harvest suppers; living churchyard projects, rake and bake, BBQ's; book-club; etc., etc.
One-off events will be advertised on the News & Events pages on this website.
The Weekly Notices page gives specific details of what is happening each week.